How to haông chồng your Nintenbởi vì switch in 2021: HWFLY và SX Clones, SX, RCM, unpatched vs patched… trying to clear it up for you

by TheGuardian · June 14, 2021


More & more people are buying a Nintenvì Switch only lớn realize they cannot easily hack it in 2021. In the guide below I’m trying khổng lồ clarify what’s doable & what’s not. I’ve tried to lớn be as clear & accurate as possible, but as always feel miễn phí to lớn let me know in the comments if anything’s inaccurate or simply wrong!

TL,DR: although it’s technically possible lớn haông xã all models of Nintenvì chưng Switch as of the time of this writing, if your goal is to haông chồng your recently purchased Switch, your best bet is khổng lồ resell it and buy an unpatched V1 Switch instead.

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4 Categories of Nintenvì chưng Switch

You can currently categorize the Nintenbởi Switch into lớn 4 categories: Original V1 models (a.k.a. Unpatched Erista), Patched V1 (a.k.a. iPatched Erista, or Patched Erista), V2 (a.k.a. Mariko), và Switch Lite. The upcoming Switch pro will add more inlớn the mix, but for now your console falls into lớn one of these 4 categories.

Whether you can hachồng your console (& how easily) depends on which model you have, and it’s not necessary easy khổng lồ say at a first glance.

A short history of Nintenbởi vì Switch Hacks & Hardware Revisions

in 2018, a hardware hachồng for the Nintenbởi Switch was disclosed by hacker Kate Temkin. Because it was a hardware haông chồng on the Console’s NVidia Tegra chip, It allowed lớn hack all Nintenvị Switch consoles at the time, independently of their firmware revision. In response, Nintenvì started manufacturing an updated hardware version which did not have the flaw, and that would later be nicknamed “patched V1”, per opposition to the original “unpatched” models. Those patched units started reaching customers’ hands around Summer of 2018. In Summer 2019, Nintenvày also released a full fledged hardware revision of the console, which didn’t have sầu the vulnerability either, codenamed Mariko (or V2). In 2019 they also released the Switch Lite, a different khung factor of the console, with a patched (not vulnerable lớn the hack) chip.

Although it is technically possible lớn hack any Switch on the market currently, doing so on the original, unpatched V1 models is vastly easier and cheaper than the other models.

To rephrase: the only Switch consoles you can easily haông xã in 2021 are the unpatched V1 models. Everything else is doable but difficult/expensive

Mariko, Erista, Patched, Unpatched… How can I tell which Switch console I have

The only easy thing you can tell at a glance is whether you have sầu a “regular size” switch (the one that can dock khổng lồ your TV) or a Switch Lite (the portable only version). Once you’ve got that out of the way, if you have a regular-sized Switch, you’ll want to determine if it’s an unpatched V1 (the older models), a patched V1, or a V2.

My console is the small version that doesn’t plug khổng lồ a TV: you have sầu a Switch LiteMy console is the “regular” Switch

Hacking an unpatched V1 Erista Switch

If you’ve got an unpatched V1 Switch, you’re in the easiest category for hacks by far, congratulations! All you’ll need is a tiny dongle which you can find on many retailers. Worst case scenario, a paper clip will vị the trichồng (I’m not making this up). There are countless tutorials on how to lớn hack your unpatched Switch, I find that this one is pretty comprehensive sầu.

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Hacking any other Switch model (Patched V1, Patched “Mariko” V2, Switch Lite)

So, long story short, if you don’t have sầu an “unpatched V1” console, hacking your Switch in 2021 is borderline impossible.

Another hacking history: Nintenvì chưng Switch modchips

To give a more detailed story, it used lớn be possible to hachồng these devices with a modchip, known as “SX Core” & “SX Lite” for the regular và lite Nintenvì Switch consoles respectively. But the group behind these modchips (Team Xecuter) have sầu been arrested late last year. Since then the production of these chips has stopped, making them really hard khổng lồ find, và really expensive sầu.

Recently, some clones of these modchips have sầu surfaced on specialized websites, in particular some Chinese electronics retailers. These go under the names “HWFLY” or “SX Clone”.


However their prices fluctuate between $150 và $200 at the time of this writing, và their compatibility seems to lớn be limited: early reports from some buyers indicate that these modchips are only compatible with Regular sized “V2” models (so, no compatibility with Switch Lite, and no compatibility with Patched V1 models). Additional reports indicate that these chips might not be super reliable. Sthetix on Twitter indicates that up lớn 50% of these chips are simply broken out of the box, & that if anything bad happens khổng lồ the chip, we can’t flash it with a new firmware at the moment. Difficult to lớn justify a $200 purchase in such conditions.

(Video from Sthetix. Check out more of his findings on the SX Clones, on his twitter thread.)

So, how vị I haông xã my Switch Lite, Patched V1 Switch, or V2 “Mariko” Switch in 2021?

Let me go straight lớn the point: if you want khổng lồ haông xã one of these models in 2021, your best bet, và not even the most expensive sầu one, is to lớn buy an unpatched V1 mã sản phẩm (e.g. on eBay) & hachồng it the easy way, as described above sầu in this article. Or buy any other model with a modchip preinstalled (harder lớn find online, to be honest). Nonetheless, if you’re willing to lớn investigate other options for your device:

Switch Lite: your only option is to buy an SX Lite modchip and install it yourself (those are practically impossible khổng lồ find today)

If you don’t have sầu a Switch Lite, there remains the question of whether you have sầu a Patched V1 Switch, or a V2. Basically, you probably can’t tell for sure, but if you bought your Switch new on a popular retailer such as Amazon, in mid lớn late 2020, or after that, it’s very likely you have a Mariko Switch (V2).

Mariko Switch (V2): You can either find an SX bộ vi xử lý Core modchip (practically impossible to lớn find), or a HWFLY clone (sengươi difficult to find but this might change, also see the issues related to these chips in the section above)

Patched V1 Switch: your only option is to buy an SX Vi xử lý Core modchip và install it yourself (those are practically impossible to find today)

Finding modchips has become difficult, but GBATemp và the appropriate Switch subreddit might have sầu your covered if you want to explore these options.


Again, it is likely the landscape here will evolve sầu in the months lớn come, as more people get their hands on the HWFLY SX clones, but for now, the statement we made that Nintendo stopped hacking in its tracks is still relevant months later. One can only hope that the clones will become easier khổng lồ find, easier to mod, & cheaper.