Are you struggling with slow Android smartphone and Trying khổng lồ expand your ram? Did you know roehsoft ram expander Pro? wonder How lớn increase ram on android? you are at right place.

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Most android phone will be slow/laggy when we use for a while. We can prsự kiện this by upgrading ram. Unlượt thích computers we can’t physically expand the ram.

But Don’t worry!

Today I will show you how to expvà your game android phone ram for better performance. This is the Tutorials about How khổng lồ increase ram on android.

There is a phầm mềm called ROEHSOFT Ram Expander Pro (SWAP) phầm mềm which is actually help lớn Expvà your ram uplớn 4Gb.Further detailed instructions discussed below!

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

RAM is what your device uses when it’s doing something. For example, when you’re editing a photo both the photo lớn & the ứng dụng you’re using lớn edit it are in the device’s RAM; when you finish editing the pholớn is then saved khổng lồ your device’s storage so it can’t get lost. The more RAM you have the more you can vày, so for example you can have sầu more browser tabs open, more apps running or more system features doing their stuff.

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Requirements for Roehsoft ram Expander Pro

Above sầu class 4 memory thẻ (class 10 recommended)

How to increase ram on android using Roehsoft ram Expander Pro

Now we’re going to lớn explain how to lớn increase your RAM with a rooted device. The triông xã involves creating a partition on your SD card, which will act as a secondary source of RAM.

Step 1: Chechồng the compatibility of your device

Click ‘ ROEHSOFT ram expander Pro thử nghiệm ‘ at the bottom of the screen.Select the SD-thẻ or Ext SD-card. (most probably: swapfile-/mnt/media_rw/extSdCard)Then press ‘Tap for result’.If ‘Congratulations’  appears, Then your device is compatible with the RAM expander app!

Step 2: Download ROEHSOFT Ram Expander Pro (SWAP) ứng dụng for free

If you have sầu a compatible handphối, download và install the Roehsoft ram Expander Pro (SWAP) tiện ích.(Actually its paid on playstore.But I provide you miễn phí version on above link)


Here is the Play Store mô tả tìm kiếm of it:

Free SD thẻ memory as a RAM use (SWAP.. RAM / SWAP MEMORY)Swaptệp tin RAM expansion up lớn 4.0 GB (file system limit)No limit on SWAPhường partition!The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with SD thẻ from class-8Widget for PNP. swap (swap on/off swap)Detailed Memory Information và AnalysisAutorunSwappiness kernel parameter setEasy foolproof use (1 cliông xã optimization and automatic calculation)Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access & Kernelswap support)

Step 3: Begin the expanding process.

After checking compatibly và installation of ROEHSOFT Ram Expander Pro app, Now the time to exp& your ram và enjoy better performance.

Start the application, then give sầu root permissions, then select your language (you can choose English, German or French).Tap ‘optimal value‘ lớn automatically adjust the settings for the best performance (highly recommended) or Use the slider to select the amount of ‘Swpfile‘(RAM) you want lớn allocate lớn your SWAPhường. partition. (Maximium of 4Gb Swpfile (RAM) can allocate)Then tap ‘Swap Activ‘ và choose your sd thẻ location (most probably: swapfile-/mnt/media_rw/extSdCard).