Can the N-Gage Mark II take on the portable gaming superpowers of PSP. or DS Lite? What bởi you think?

Nokia’s N-Gage take two has thankfully ditched the silly sideways-talking action in favour of a more conventional approach, but can it challenge the mighty Sony PSP. and Nintendo DS Lite in games terms?

Nokia has all but given up on its ill-fated gaming phone, but you can still buy the – vastly improved – N-Gage QD. However, it’s no PSPhường or DS Lite crusher, no matter what the press releases say.

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Improvements aren"t enough

The kiến thiết is too dated, the screen is comparatively rubbish, và the number of blockbusting games is pathetic. But, that said, there are some games worth playing.

The QD’s biggest problem, as far as gaming goes, is the fact that its games are spectacularly unoriginal và old. Although the addition of Sid Meier’s empire-building epic, Civilisation, to the N-Gage platkhung will keep strategists entertained.

While the N-Gage isn’t completely pointless as a pocket bạn, it’s poor lớn use as a phone day-to-day. The call chất lượng is OK – as you’d rightly expect from the giant that is Nokia – but holding that mighty thing lớn your head while walking down the street is bound khổng lồ bring sideways glances from passers-by.

A backdoor smartphone?

Another sub-standard performance is from the screen – it’s pitifully low-res, especially when compared to modern Nokias, which makes gaming, texting and web-browsing irritating.

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There is something up the QD’s sleeve sầu, though: it runs Series 60 software. This means you can bag yourself a fully-fledged điện thoại thông minh compatible with the wonderful galaxy of Series 60 software, which ranges from office tools khổng lồ A-Z maps & beyond. says...

Notê N-Gage QD review

The PSPhường and DS Lite can sleep safefly in their beds; this pretender to the throne isn’t a killer games phone. It is, however, a mighty cheap way khổng lồ get yourself a smartphone


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