My Hero Academia: Who's Who in Season 4 My Hero Academia returns in October with a fourth season, a new status quo, và new heroes và villains. We break them down.

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Hot off its first feature with last year"s Two Heroes, & a new film, Heroes Rising, coming later this year, Kohei Horikoshi"s My Hero Academia shows no signs of slowing down. And with the anime"s fourth season premiering in October, fans have even more reason to lớn be excited.

As that trailer shows, Season 4 begins with an altered status quo. With the world"s greatest nhân vật and Symbol of Peace, All Might, retired after finally defeating his longtime nemesis All For One, the superanh hùng community is adrift. And the supervillain community is plotting its next moves.

Ahead of Season 4"s Oct. 12 premiere in nhật bản (simulcast on FunimationNow, Hulu và Crunchyroll), it"s time a good to explain who the new characters are on My Hero Academia, và why you should look forward to seeing them in action, even if you haven"t read the manga.

Lovingly called "buff Tintin" by fans due lớn his drastically different facial kiến thiết, Mirio Togata, aka Lemillion (voiced by Tarauskue Shingaki in Japanese & Ricco Fajarbởi in English), is the most passionate và outgoing of U.A. High School"s "Big 3," three third-years (the Japanese equivalent of senior year of high school) who are the strongest members of the student toàn thân.

Fast, durable & extremely strong (able to lớn incapacitate members of Class 1-A with a single stomach punch), Lemillion is a wholesome, goofy kid who"s a lot like All Might in his sheer dedication to lớn helping people. His Quirk, Permeation, makes hlặng intangible, allowing hyên to lớn travel through walls and the ground to lớn confuse his enemies. Unfortunately, he can only turn himself invisible, not his clothes, so he winds up naked every time. Trained by pro anh hùng Sir Nighteye, Lemillion"s relationship with Deku is key to lớn this arc of the series.

Another thành viên of the Big 3, Tamaki Amajiki, aka Suneater (Yulớn Uemura & Aaron Dismuke), looks like your typical slovenly anime boy. Extremely anxious and socially awkward, he"ll often face the wall whenever his nerves tend to lớn get the better of hlặng.

Despite that, & his own lack of confidence, Suneater is easily the strongest student at U.A. High, behind Lemillion. His Quirk, Manifest, lets him manifest the characteristics of anything he eats while it"s in his system. For example, if he eats clams, he can turn his h& into a giant clam and use that as a weapon.

Fiercely loyal and full of a deep resolve khổng lồ protect people, Suneater is one to watch going forward.

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The third thành viên of the Big 3, Nejire Habởi, aka Nejire-chan (Kiyono Yasuno và Lindsay Seidel), is an optimistic sort with possibly the best hair in the whole franchise.

Curious if a bit blunt when asking about people"s Quirks, Nejire-chan"s is "Wave Motion," which allows her to convert her own energy inkhổng lồ shockwaves and blast them out through her wrists.

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While she won"t be spotlighted as much as Suneater or Lemillion in Season 4, Nejire-chan is certainly one of the more chất lượng students at U.A.

Fat Gum

A pro nhân vật under whom Suneater and Eijiro "Red Riot" Kirishima intern, Fat Gum, aka Taishiro Toyomitsu (Kazuyuki Okitsu & a yet-to-be-cast English actor), is pretty much exactly what his name describes. A big dude who towers over everyone, his Quirk, Fat Absorption, allows hyên to stick lớn anything và force objects to lớn sink inside him. His fat also stores kinetic energy, which he can convert baông chồng inkhổng lồ attaông chồng power at great cost.

The leader of the supervillain Yakuza gang, the Shie Hassaikai (literally translated as "Eight Precepts of Death"), Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul (Kenjiro Tsuda and Kellen Goff), is this season"s overarching villain. A creepy germophobe, Chisaki is obsessed with returning the world to lớn the way it was before Quirks came along. To that kết thúc, he"s developed a Quirk-destroying drug.

His Quirk, also called "Overhaul," allows hlặng khổng lồ disassemble and reassemble anything he touches. That means he can either rearrange someone"s toàn thân lớn heal a wound, or else scatter their atoms. With a dangerous Quirk & absolutely no sense of remorse, Overhaul might just be the scariest villain the students và teachers of My Hero Academia have faced yet.

A small child with a large horn growing out of her head, Eri (Megungươi Han and a yet-to-be-cast English actress) is the granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai"s boss. Her Quirk, Rewind, which lets her rewind people"s bodies khổng lồ previous states, is so powerful that Overlord has made her central to the plans for his Quirk-destroying drug.

Sir Nighteye

A stoic pro anh hùng who prefers a tailored suit lớn a costume, Sir Nighteye (Shinichiro Miki & Brandon McInnis) is one of the smarthử nghiệm people in the world.

Nighteye"s Quirk, Foresight, allows hlặng to lớn see an hour ahead into the future, but it"s not always accurate. Regardless, Nighteye"s stoic demeanor & powerful Quirk make him one of the most important adults in this series.