After testing seven of the most popular Kindle cases, we’re confident that Amazon’s Water-Safe Fabric Cover is the best case for owners of the 10th-generation Kindle Papertrắng. Its fabric exterior gives it the nicest look and feel, and it goes beyond the standard sleep/wake magnets found in every case we tested by also featuring magnets that pin the cover to lớn the baông chồng of the case so it stays open while you’re reading.

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Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Water-Safe Fabric Cover

The best Kindle Paperwhite case

A fabric exterior and magnets that stiông xã the cover to lớn the baông chồng while reading set this case apart from the competition.

This common style of case (known as a folio) has a solid back & a front cover that hinges open lượt thích a book. Amazon’s case isn’t going to lớn win any awards for originality, but it’s a well-executed take on the style. We found it comfortable khổng lồ hold in extended reading sessions, and although the color options are limited, there should be enough variety for you khổng lồ find a color you lượt thích.

Omoton Kindle PaperWhite Case

A few omissions but half the price

This is the best, most affordable non-Amazon case; it has most of the features we expect from a folio.

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Omoton’s Kindle Papertrắng Case is pretty similar to Amazon’s, but small chất lượng differences keep it from being our top piông chồng. The exterior is polyurethane instead of polyester, which feels less nice to lớn the touch, and the magnets, while strong enough khổng lồ hold the case shut while you’re not reading, don’t connect the front cover to the baông chồng when you are reading. But of the third-tiệc nhỏ options, it feels the most polished, & Omoton has been making the best Kindle cases for many years. This case also happens to lớn cost about half as much as Amazon’s. Some customer Review say the corners can chip or crachồng, though.


Twelve South BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite

Great book-lượt thích thiết kế & a built-in stand

If you want the look & feel of a real book, this is the best choice.

If you prefer the convenience of a Kindle but like the look & feel of a real, leather-bound book, we recommend Twelve South’s BookBook for Kindle PaperWhite. This elegantly designed case wouldn’t look out of place on a fancy bookshelf, and it has some clever touches. In addition to lớn providing protection, it offers a sturdy kickst& that allows for hands-không tính phí reading. And although it’s bulkier than other cases, it’s still sllặng enough to hold comfortably in one h&.

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Water-Safe Fabric Cover

The best Kindle Paperwhite case

A fabric exterior và magnets that stichồng the cover khổng lồ the baông chồng while reading phối this case apart from the competition.