Portable High-Resolution Audio Playbaông xã Burr-Brown DAC Chip Supports PCM up to lớn 32-Bit / 384 kHz Supports DXD & DSD formats Supports MQA Streaming Format Built-In Battery Lasts Up lớn 10 Hours S-Balanced Performance and IEM Match Measure và Listen Filter Options High-Quality Components USB Cable, USB Adapters, Bracelet, Bag

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Listen lớn Master Quality Authenticated audio straight out of the box. Connect lớn Tidal Masters and kiểm tra the option to lớn stream MQA.
This precise, analogue volume control is normally found on items at a much higher price point. Its transparent sonic nature delivers a smooth sound with no loss in music retrieval. It delivers the sonic goods.
This unit has up to 10 hours of non-stop playing time. Always make sure you switch it on first và then plug in your device.

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Amplifier:Dual Mono 2 x 285mW Direct Drive, coupling capacitor free circuit for highest fidelity
Volume Control:3.5milimet TRRS with Balanced compatible wiring
Dynamic Range(including DAC):> 109dB(A)

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15Ω Load (Direct) (1kHz, TRRS plug Balanced wiring)


Dynamic Range(Line):> 109dB(A)
THD và N(0dBFS Line):
đầu ra Voltage(Line):2.15V (+/-0.05V)
Output đầu ra Impedance:
Channel Separation:> 99dB (
Jitter(correlated):Below demo set limit
Dimensions:96(l) x 64(w) x 25.5(h)mm
Weight:139g (0.31 Ibs)
Warranty period:12 months