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Snoop Dogg, FeaturedArtist - Son Tung M-TPhường., Composer, Artist, MainArtist - Onionn, Arranger - M-TP. Entertainment Ltd, OriginalPublisher

2019 Son Tung M-TPhường. 2019 M-TP.. Entertainment Ltd

2019 Son Tung M-TP 2019 M-TPhường Entertainment Ltd

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Reggaeton in 10 Albums

A combination of Jamaican dancehall, American hip-hop, Caribbean rhythms & Spanish wit, reggaeton has, since its birth in the early 90s, shaken the world of pop music time and time again. From DJ Playero’s first mixtapes to lớn Daddy Yankee’s “Barrio Fino” và Don Chezina’s “Tra-Tra-Tra, Puerkhổng lồ Rican musicians và their Colombian counterparts in Medellin have sầu done their utmost lớn take over the world. In the last decade, they have sầu done just that thanks lớn artists such as Luis Fonham, J. Balvin và Bad Bunny. Read on for 10 of the genre’s most important albums. Reggaeton won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Lhasa, An Unforgettable Shooting Star

With only three studio albums, one live album and three international tours, “Lhasa” de Sela still made her chất lượng mark on contemporary popular music. “La Llorona”, “The Living Road” and “Lhasa” are all accomplished works in their own right and open the door lớn a strange yet familiar world, halfway between dream và reality. Full of both light and darkness, these songs are imbued with the genuine feelings of an artist whose heartfelt vocals reach out và pull the listener in, creating an intimate relationship with the audience. Looking baông xã at the life of “Lhasa” de Sela, the makings of a legend are visible like chapters in a novel, complete with all the emotion that comes with a beautiful but heartbreaking storyline.

Brigitte Bardot, singing in the sun

With the release of François Bagnaud & Dominique Choulant’s book “Moi je joue”, we’ve taken the opportunity to lớn dive sầu in lớn Brigitte Bardot’s singing career. From the sweet idleness of La Madrague lớn the brazen freedom of Harley Davidson, Bardot has embodied a multi-faceted French pop music.

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