Foxit’s PhantomPDF Business 8 took the bronze in our 2017 roundup of best PDF editors, behind Adobe Acrobat DC và Nitro Pro. Version 9, which is an incremental update rather than a major overhaul, doesn’t make us rethink that ranking but it does reinforce PhantomPDF as a strong alternative sầu khổng lồ Acrobat.

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Like Adobe Acrobat DC and Nitro Pro, the two PDF editors khổng lồ which it compares most favorably, PhantomPDF employs an Office-style ribbon to keep tools tidy. A dozen task-based tabs make it easy to navigate the editor’s wealth of functions, while a sidebar in the document pane puts common functions lượt thích reordering pages và viewing comments a mouse-cliông xã away.

PhantomPDF provides all the necessary tools for creating and modifying business documents, including text và object editing, drag-and-drop page organization, size creation, và multiple annotation methods. It also offers several levels of protection for sensitive sầu documents including passwords, certificates, permission controls, Active Directory Rights Management Services, and redaction. It also supports electronic signatures (including DocuSign), digital signatures, and digital certificates.

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PhantomPDF Business offers several levels of protection including nội dung redaction.

PhantomPDF can convert PDFs lớn the big three Office formats (Word, Excel, và PowerPoint), HTML, plain text, rich text, and several image formats. It converted everything from a single-page flyer khổng lồ a 20-page business document without a hitch, leaving all formatting intact.

While most of these features are included with the standard version of PhantomPDF, PhantomPDF Business makes the most use of ConnectedPDF, Foxit’s format for sharing and collaborating on documents via the cloud. It enables collaboration features lượt thích multi-user document Review, group commenting, and the ability to distribute documents to lớn both internal & external participants. It also allows you khổng lồ glean workflow insights through document-usage tracking that lets you see who accessed the tệp tin, what pages they looked at, & what actions they performed. A version tree lets you easily see the complete history of a document.

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Version 9 adds a host of largely behind-the-scenes improvements, though a few noticeably benefit the user experience. You can now select a particular area in a PDF & export it to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, và Rich Text formats. There’s also a much-welcome find-and-replace feature for easily changing text in a PDF document. Foxit has also added Onechú ý integration so you can skết thúc PDFs to lớn your account from within Phantom PDF, as well as “protected view” options lớn open files from potentially unsafe locations yet protect your PC from threats.

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An Office-style ribbon & sidebar tools make PhantomPDF easy khổng lồ navigate.

PhantomPDF Business 9 is available for Windows for a one-time fee of $159. You can get a volume licensing discount when you buy five licenses or more. You can also unloông xã advanced features in Foxit’s miễn phí MobilePDF ứng dụng or Android, iOS, & Windows devices, by upgrading lớn MobilePDF Business through an in-app purchase.

Bottom line

PhantomPDF Business 9 gets high marks for making the often arduous task of document management a breeze. In both capabilities & price, it’s almost neck-in-neông xã with Nitro Pro. It doesn’t work with as many file formats as the latter, but it does work with the most important ones. If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use PDF editor, you can’t go wrong.

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