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Advanced PDF Editor

Enterprise solutions can:Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) of Foxit software:Save sầu money by purchasing licenses in volume.Site & enterprise licensing.Volume licensing of Foxit products results in lower TCO versus piecemeal purchases.Per seat charging with annual true-ups.No purchasing commitments required above sầu and beyond initial qualifying purchase.Multi-year program allows quichồng & easy order placement of any form size at any time during the agreement period.More efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of Foxit licensed products throughout your organization:Get quiông chồng & easy access to the latest technologies via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD).Easier distribution options with Windows Installer File (.msi) packaging.Gain peace of mind that your organization is complying with legal usage obligations.Greatly simplify installs & increase the efficiency of IT with a single serial number per product ordered under the same End User ID. Enable IT khổng lồ build a standard image that can be used for installing on each machine with gold keys.Increase your expertise in software licensing & management as a strategic partner và member of Foxit"s licensing community:Learn about best practices & nội dung your own with peers as a member of Foxit"s licensing community.Include enhanced maintenance và support contracts which include Upgrade Protection. Upgrade Protection provides customers who are current on their contracts upgrades khổng lồ all new major versions of purchased products.

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Provide budgeting benefits:Achieve budget predictability through Volume Licensing và Upgrade Plans.Keep trachồng of installs throughout the month/quarter and save sầu money & resources by placing only one PO.Offer VOLUME LICENSING Program tiếp thị liên kết Structure Benefits:The program enables organizations khổng lồ include divisions, subsidiaries, & peers, even if they are worldwide.
High TechnologyMicrosoftSIEMENSIntelIBMCisco SystemsDELLAccentureNEC CorporationAmdocs LtdLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAMDCorel CorporationCareerbuilder.comHarris CorporationCompuComGovernmentUS Air ForceUS ArmyUS NavyUSDAMissile Defense AgencyIowa National GuardThe Department of TransportationUS Bureau of Land ManagementState of Washington, Office of Superintendent of Public InstructionUS CourtsFinancial ServicesAIGMorgan StanleyJPMORGAN CHASE & CO.PNC Bank (National City)Great American Insurance GroupLloyds TSBWells FargoRaymond JamesHyperionConsumer DurablesProcter & GambleKraft foodsGeneral MillsCasioRITE AIDSwatchDel Monte FoodsBridgestoneLife Science và HealthcarePfizerMcKessonSutter HealthGenesis HealthCareEdwards Lifesciences LLC.University of Rochester Medical CenterEnterprise Healthcare Systems, Inc.ElectronicsSonyIKONNikonPanasonicSony EricssonEpsonXeroxPitney BowesEducationHarvard UniversityVanderbilt UniversitySaint John"s UniversityCollege of Saint BenedictApollo GroupBriar Cliff UniversityMobileHTCMetro PCSPalm/HPACCESSDataVizManufacturingBoeingToyotaPhillips MedicalABB FranceEmersonFordEnergyShellChevronHunt PetroleumSouthern Company
Number of User LicensesPrice( US$ )
1 - 9$99.00 per user
10 - 19$94.04 per user
trăng tròn - 49$89.10 per user
50+$84.15 per user
For quantities above sầu 50 we have sầu additional volume discount, please tương tác us at sales