While the war waged between the Allies và Soviets Yuri was quietly scheming, planning, testing, & devising. History went on without hlặng – Russian Premier Romanov signed a historic peace treaty with the Allies & the không lấy phí world remained không tính phí. Now it”s Yuri”s turn khổng lồ make history, và wreak vengeance on his foes.

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RA2 Generalissimo English voice & textFeb 24 2021Red Alert 2: Generalissimo Audio

RA2 Generalissimo English voice and text


YR mod: All☆EX 20210220Feb đôi mươi 2021YR mod: All☆EX Full Version

A thủ thuật for both players & modders, contains a lot of “Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy” & easter eggs. Now New AI has worked. Wish you enjoy it.


Hotfix 20210220Feb 19 2021World Axletree Patch 2 comments

This patch fixes crashes with NACSF using scanning, in-game reading files, campaign reopening, và engineer repair Bridges.

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World Axletree 1.0PB Chinese VersionFeb 19 2021World Axletree Full Version 7 comments

Sorry, there is only Chinese version at present. We will launch English version as soon as possible. You need khổng lồ unzip it inlớn Yuri”s Revenge to play.Click…


Chayo AresFeb 22 2021RA2 Yuri Chayo Mod Patch

Chayo Mod made by Ares 3.0 MDK Tool (Mod Development Kit)

TR 1.0Feb 2 2021Technology Revolution v1.0 beta Patch 1 bình luận

Something need lớn know before starting:1.delete expandmd98.set and expandmd99.phối files in the dictionary2.kiểm tra out the new settings.

Crimson Alert Third BetaJan 13 2021CRIMSON Alert Full Version 1 bình luận

This release triples the features, improves most graphics, introduces Silver & Copper, new maps, & new units for Yuri (Reshvavyod). See Description…

Crimson Alert Second BetaJan 7 2021CRIMSON Alert Full Version

This release triples the features, improves most graphics, introduces Silver và Copper, new maps, và new units for Yuri (Reshvavyod). See Description…

YR:NW xuất hiện Beta 0.75 StableDec 31 2020Command & Conquer: New War Full Version 2 comments

This is Commvà and Conquer: New War/Yuri”s Revenge: New War thủ thuật file version Open Beta 0.75 Stable.

Judgment Day UPDATE USSRDec 30 2020Judgment Day Full Version

1)New texture for grass2)New War Factory 3)New War Miner (Iron Fist)và more

Insurrection Alert v2 (rulesmd.ini)Dec 27 2020Insurrection Alert Full Version

This is an additional version of Insurrection Alert, with more wacky weapons, more special effects, more fixes, & more unfixes! NOTE THAT ALMOST ALL…

Crimson Alert First BetaDec 25 2020CRIMSON Alert Demo

The first beta of Crimson Alert nontheless has many features

C&C: Reloaded v2.2.0 (installer version)Dec 17 2020C&C: Reloaded Full Version 8 comments

C&C: Reloaded 2.2.0 released with lademo CnCNet tư vấn and tons of changes. This download contains all the changes released until now. Recommended download…

C&C: Reloaded v2.2.0 (zipped version)Dec 17 2020C&C: Reloaded Full Version

C&C: Reloaded 2.2.0 released with lachạy thử CnCNet support và tons of changes. This tải về contains all the changes released until now. Recommended for…

ARES Judgment Day FULL VERSION! PATCHDec 15 2020Judgment Day Patch


Cerebral Cascade Pre-Alpha Test Build 2 (Full Version)Dec 15 2020Cerebral Cascade Demo 9 comments

Cerebral Cascade Pre-Altrộn Test Release/Build 2 for December 15th, 2020

ARES Judgment Day FULL VERSION!Dec 12 2020Judgment Day Full Version 1 phản hồi


Mental Omega 3.3.5 Patch (Manual Update)Dec 9 2020Mental Omega Patch 38 comments

GET 3.3.0 FIRST. If your updater in the Client doesn”t want lớn complete the update or you were never able to start it at all, tải về this & extract…

Soundtraông chồng for Mental Omega 3.3 – Part IIDec 9 2020Mental Omega Music 3 comments

Additional new ingame music for Mental Omega 3.3, optional download. Works for version 3.3.5 and newer. Place “expandmo94.mix” inlớn the directory you…

Judgment Day BETA09 FIX 01USADec 4 2020Judgment Day Demo 1 phản hồi

Hello guys I”m here again