Here are a few of the enhancements:

User Interface

File Navigation dialog box - Operations such as Open, Save sầu, Attach và many others now remember the sort order of the column, i.e. you sort by date modified or reverse sort by tệp tin name, the next time you access that dialog box it will automatically display files using that same sort order.

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Drafting Settings dialog box - can now be stretched and resized similar to lớn most other dialog boxes enabling you to lớn view và access more information.


Quichồng Access Toolbar - For easy access khổng lồ layer controls, regardless of which ribbon tab is current, a Layer option has been added lớn the Quick Access Toolbar thực đơn. Turn it on lớn display the layer controls along with other frequently used tools, on the ever-present Quichồng Access Toolbar.


Object Selection

Off-screen Selection - Occasionally, you may want to lớn zoom into lớn a specific area of the drawing khổng lồ begin a selection mix & then continue the same selection phối as you pan and zoom around the drawing. In AutoCAD 2018, you can! Using a rectangular window or crossing selection, for example, or even polygonal, fence or lasso selections, you can begin the selection window in one part of your drawing và then pan & zoom khổng lồ another part while maintaining selection of the off-screen objects!

You can control the behavior of off-screen selection using the SELECTIONOFFSCREEN system variable.

Linetype Gap Selection Enhancements - With linetype gap selection enabled, you can now select & snap lớn complex & DGN linetypes, even on the gaps between the line segments. As an additional bonus, you’re not limited to lớn simple geometry like lines and circles. It’s supported by all objects, such as polylines with width, & splines.

PDF Enhancements

AutoCAD 2017 introduced the ability khổng lồ import data from PDF files into AutoCAD as 2D geometry, TrueType text, & images. AutoCAD 2018 offers many enhancements lớn that PDF Import functionality. When you select a PDF file lớn import, a pReview image helps you visually identify the file. Additional improvements include improved scaling of PDF geometry from layouts.

These are just a sampling of the improvements made within AutoCAD Civil 3 chiều. All in all, Autodesk has released a solid version with the intent of improving user efficiency in all facets of thiết kế.

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When a PDF file is created from a drawing, text defined with SHX fonts is stored in the PDF as geometry because the PDF file format doesn’t underst& AutoCAD SHX fonts. If that PDF tệp tin is then imported inkhổng lồ AutoCAD, the original SHX text is imported as geometry. So you over up with a bunch of little lines, arcs, và circles. It looks fine but isn’t very conducive to lớn editing! Fortunately, AutoCAD 2018 offers a SHX text recognition tool that enables you to lớn select imported PDF geometry representing SHX text and convert it khổng lồ text objects. Access this functionality from the Recognize SHX Text tool (PDFSHXTEXT command) on the Insert ribbon tab. The SHX recognition tool analyzes clusters of geometry (i.e., lines, polylines, etc.) from your selection mix & compares them khổng lồ characters in specified SHX cabịt files.

A Settings option is available to lớn help you manage which SHX fonts you’d lượt thích to lớn compare against the selected text, as well as to control some settings during the conversion. The most comtháng SHX fonts are listed by default but you can add or remove SHX fonts based on your needs. Then select which fonts in the các mục you want khổng lồ compare against the selected text. AutoCAD will compare each of the selected fonts in order until one is found that matches the selected text within the specified recognition threshold. An option to lớn use the best matching fonts ensures AutoCAD compares the text to lớn all of the selected fonts, và chooses the best one. After comparing the geometry to lớn the SHX fonts, the geometry that matches is automatically replaced with one or more Mtext objects. A message box displays the results.


External References

In AutoCAD 2018, when you attach an external tệp tin lớn an AutoCAD drawing, the mặc định path type is now phối khổng lồ Relative sầu path instead of Full path. If Relative path isn’t your preferred path type, you can use the new REFPATHTYPE system variable to modify the mặc định reference path type. Set the value lớn 0 for No path, 1 for Relative path, or 2 for Full path. Previous releases of AutoCAD, didn’t allow you lớn assign a relative sầu path to a reference file when the host drawing was not saved & was therefore unnamed. In AutoCAD 2018, you are able to assign a relative path for a tệp tin even when the host drawing is unnamed. If you select the reference tệp tin in the External References palette, the Saved Path column displays a full path with an asterisk prefix to lớn indicate that a change will take place when you save sầu the host drawing. A property in the Details pane also indicates that the reference tệp tin is pending a relative path.

Also in AutoCAD 2018, the contextual thực đơn of the External References palette offers two new options when you right-clichồng on a reference file that is not found:

Select New Path - browse to lớn a new location for a missing reference tệp tin. While fixing the path for that selected tệp tin, you’re given the option to apply the same new location for other missing references.Find & Replace - select one or more reference files & replace any occurrences of an existing path with a new one. This method also honors the REFPATHTYPE system variable. It will automatically convert the full paths to lớn relative paths.

These are just a few of the many enhancements included in AutoCAD 2018. For additional information regarding the enhancements and pricing, please liên hệ your & Company sales staff.