Award-winning protection against existing và new e-threats. Quick to lớn install và light on tec-ftu.orgmputer resources. The only không tính phí antivirus you’ll ever need.

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*Available in English

Lightning-fast không lấy phí antivirus Antivirut Free Edition is blazing fast, không tính phí lớn use, & packs essential protection features every Windows tec-ftu.orgmputer needs.

Downloads and installs in setec-ftu.orgnds, runs at max tốc độ without slowing down your PC Good for gaming, image & video clip editing, & resource-intensive applications Powerful antivirut protection packed into a light solution
* Choose what the experts use.

You get the most innovative sầu technologies that predict, prevent, detect và remediate even the lakiểm tra cyber-threats, anywhere in the world.

Powered by award-winning technology

Real-time Threat Detection Antivirus Free Edition uses behavioral detection to closely monitor your active sầu apps. When it detects anything suspicious, it takes instant action.

Virus Scanning và Malware Removal

Powerful scan engines ensure real-time detection và removal of all malware, from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits & spyware.

A powerful silent guardian for your Windows PC Antivirut Free Edition is an antivirut that always has your bachồng. It uses a minimalistic approach khổng lồ defend your Windows tec-ftu.orgmputer against all cyber threats, whether you are a tech pro or not.

On-demand và on-access vi khuẩn scanning that runs in the background Essential antivi khuẩn protection for personal and gaming tec-ftu.orgmputers No time-tec-ftu.orgnsuming scans, no sudden lag, no ads out of the blue

Free protection againstInternet fraud


How can you keep your passwords safe và still browse freely? It’s easy: Antivirus Free Edition sniffs & blocks by default phishing websites that pretkết thúc to lớn be trustworthy in order to steal your data.


If you ever lvà on scam websites, our advanced filtering system detects suspicious website page behavior và prevents your sensitive financial data from falling into lớn the hands of hackers.

tec-ftu.orgmpare our award-winning products & get the best real-world protection, so you can keep doing the things that matter while we handle security.



Total Security

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tec-ftu.orgmplete Real-Time Data Protection improved

Absolute power in the most efficient anti-malware solution available today. Automatic protection that goes beyond antivi khuẩn.

Advanced Threat Defense

Our improved behavior-based giải pháp công nghệ detects and blocks advanced threats và ransomware.

Web attaông xã prevention

Our website filtering công nghệ ensures that you never lvà on a harmful trang web. Photon™

This innovative sầu, exclusive sầu công nghệ helps adapt to the hardware & software tec-ftu.orgnfiguration of your system to lớn save sầu tec-ftu.orgmputing resources & improve sầu tốc độ và performance.

Global Protective sầu Network

Most heavy scanning takes place in the cloud, this means your system’s speed & performance remain unaffected. Your files remain tec-ftu.orgmpletely private: does not scan the actual tec-ftu.orgntents of your files, and never uploads or stores them in the cloud.

Network Threat Prevention

The new cyber threat intelligence technologies included can analyze and identify suspicious network-level activities, và bloông chồng sophisticated exploits, malware or botnet-related URLs, & brute force attacks.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection

Multiple layers of ransomware protection keep your files safe from encryption.

Rescue Environment

Some sophisticated malware, like rootkits, need lớn be removed before Windows starts. When detects such threats, it reboots the tec-ftu.orgmputer in Rescue Environment for clean-up and restoration.


Our lakiểm tra Autopilot is designed to act as a ‹Security Advisor› and khổng lồ give you deeper insights inkhổng lồ your security posture. Its smart capabilities mean that it can retec-ftu.orgmmend security actions in the tec-ftu.orgntext of your system needs & usage patterns.

trò chơi, Movie và Work Profiles detects when you play, work or watch a movie, so it knows not to lớn bother you with unnecessary requests. It temporarily halts pop-ups, adjusts visual settings, and pauses unimportant background activities khổng lồ allow you lớn enjoy your device lớn the max.

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Battery Mode

This useful, intelligent feature saves battery life for laptops & tablets by temporarily tweaking system settings such as display, system tec-ftu.orgoling, system updates & Bluetooth không dây tec-ftu.orgnnectivity. VPN improved

Protects your online presence by encrypting all Internet traffic. 200 MB daily traffic included per device.

Safe Online Banking

Bank & siêu thị with Safepay, our unique, dedicated browser that secures your transactions.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor

Access your Wi-Fi network & router security, no matter where you tec-ftu.orgnnect from.

Social Network Protection

Stay safe from malicious liên kết and any online threats your friends unwittingly pass on to you via social networks.

Password Manager

Secures your passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive sầu data in a cyber-vault for easy access whenever you need them.

Microphone Monitor

Helps you regain tec-ftu.orgntrol over your own devices. Use it và you’ll be able khổng lồ see what apps have access lớn your device’s microphone and when.

Webcam Protection

Notifies you when apps try to lớn access your webcam, và lets you block unauthorized access.


Filters irrelevant messages in your Inbox. It’s available for local email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird).

Parental tec-ftu.orgntrol

Offers digital help lớn parents & extra online safety to lớn children. Log in remotely to lớn Central to lớn keep up with them.

Time Machine Protection

With this tec-ftu.orgmplex feature, you can restore the files from your Mac without having lớn pay ransom. Time Machine Protection gives you the edge against malware that may attempt to lớn encrypt or destroy your backups.

Adware Blocker

Free your Mac from adware, hijacker programs, unwanted toolbars, và other browser add-ons.

Cross-Platkhung Malware Detection

Detects & removes both malware targeting matec-ftu.orgS and threats made for Windows, so you are always sure the files you send to others are clean.

Traffic Light (browser extension)

Protects all your browsing, including your online shopping và banking, và can filter out inappropriate tec-ftu.orgntent.

Anti-Phishing sniffs và blocks websites that masquerade as trustworthy in order lớn steal financial data such as passwords or credit thẻ numbers. Shield

tec-ftu.orgmbines a series of innovative proprietary technologies to lớn automatically detect and remove any threat, with no negative sầu impact on your Mac’s tốc độ & performance.


Our lathử nghiệm Autopilot is designed khổng lồ act as a ‹Security Advisor› & to give sầu you deeper insights inkhổng lồ your security posture. Its smart capabilities mean that it can retec-ftu.orgmmkết thúc security actions in the tec-ftu.orgntext of your system needs và usage patterns.

24/7 Cloud-Based Guard Duty

We use amazingly powerful Cloud-based technologies to lớn detect & eliminate e-threats, khổng lồ give sầu you instant worldwide protection, with no drag on your Mac’s resources.

Ultra-Fast Scanning

Scanning is fast & light on resources, so there"s no negative impact on your Mac’s speed và performance. VPN improved

Protects your online presence by encrypting all Internet traffic. 200 MB daily traffic included per device.

On-Demvà & On-Install Scan

Scans your Android devices to lớn make sure that your apps are clean. It immediately lets you know if a newly installed tiện ích poses any danger.